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Nevis Range Mountain Experience


Nevis Range Mountain Experience, Fort William and Midsummer’s day skiing event

We’ve been working with Paddy for many years now, both on press trips and PR stories.  We find Paddy very approachable and he has taken the time to get to know our business and what we are trying to achieve, as well as understanding our limitations.  We work together well and we get involved in the whole process to a lesser or greater extent, dependent on our skills and workload!

Midsummer’s day skiing is something we’ve done several times in the past, but not in recent years, and the opportunity to bring in a well-known and relevant brand, in the Tiso Group, undoubtedly increased the exposure.  The dreich day didn’t dampen spirits and probably added to the atmosphere of the shots.  The coverage was excellent – front page of the Times!

Heather Negus, Marketing Manager, Nevis Range

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